Couple counselling is working with couples and their relationship issues. The work is done with marriage, or relationsip with partner or another close relationship. Family counselling is appropriate when the behaviour or a health concern of one or many family members becomes too much to handle within in the family. Family members are invited to eleviate or solve the problems in counselling. Often help is needed in disciplining a child who ignores the rules and therefore gives the parents a hard time. Parents often have communication problems with their teens, which prevents harmony in the family.

Family counselling can be useful when there have been or will be considerable changes in the family which create confusion and misunderstandings, or when difficult descisions have to made. Divorce-related issues may be eliviated or resolved especially concerning the continued contact and support of both parents to their kid(s).

Family mediation is a special process whereby a couple who is unable to do it by themselves, creates new rules and agreements regarding the children or property/money etc. with the help of a mediator. The past and emotions are not under focus, instead we concentrate on the future, specific agreements, and arrangements.

Individual counselling is working with one person and his/her thoughts, experiences, and feelings in order to better understand the self and create certain changes.

Christian counselling is a form of counselling where special emphasis is on religious background, principles, teachings, and beliefs.

Why people seek counselling:

  • Parents have separated and want it to have minimum effect on the children
  • Parent can not get her child to obey her/him
  • A child has temper tantrums and bursts of anger and is violent at school
  • Parent wants to understand his/her teenager better but doesn’t seem to get through
  • A child is protesting against the parents new partner
  • I would like to separate but I don’t know how does it affect the kids and what kind of agreements need to be made regarding the children.
  • The children do not want to have any contact with their father, their mother’s ex
  • One partner is fearful of the other leaving her/him
  • On partner is bored with the relationship – nothing is wrong but nothing is right either
  • Partner(s) dont know if they want to continue in the relationship
  • Mother- or father-in-law is interfering with the couple’s life excessively
  • All household chores and child rearing is on the woman, she is exhausted
  • We don’t seem to get along, everything seems to turn into a fight
  • Infidelity has brought about such a crisis in our relationship that I am not sure it can be bended.

As far as I know, relationship audit is the kind of service that has not existed in Estonia until now. We meet during consultation to determine the most important aspects of the relationship in order to predict how sustainable the relationship is in the future: what are the strengths and what are the perils. Relationship audit is for couples who would otherwise not visit the therapist but do so now because they wish to establish where their relationships is at so that if necessary they could contribute more to maintain it. The questionnaire contains 40 statements which take 2-3 meetings to address. We discuss the questions and answers stopping where there are differences.  There is no score at the end and the couple is to make conclusions by themselves.

Consultation is often one-time conversation with a person who wants to discuss important issues in order to make decisions or lessen confusion. It is more direct than counselling and the therapist may also give advice which in general is not recommended.

NB! All services are also available via Skype (sound and video) which offers to many the necessary fexibility timewise or locationwise. It would be preferable to have the first meeting face to face as the forming of contact is more effective this way.


We provide legal counselling through a collaboration agreement with Kärt Tamm. Legal counselling is a service for those who need help with the legal aspects of the relationship be it property or child alimony matters, rights and obligations concerning the child, etc (Estonian Family Law and Law of Obligations). The counselling is done via Skype only and in order for the appointment to occur, prepayment is needed to be made out to Tamm Tõlked OÜ (see Price sheet for details). The service is available in English and in Estonian.