I graduated from Psychology major in Canada in 1995. For years I worked in HR until 2006 when I realised, that my passion and calling is to help mend relationships. I started professional training for family pscyhotherapy in 2007 and I received my qualification in Spring 2011. I am a member of Estonian Family Therapy Association. In addition, I have studied to become a family mediator. I finished my studies in 2008. In 2012 I studied Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples which provides a model for understanding adult love relationship and relieving the stress associated with it. I passed additional training in EFT in 2017 and 2018 when the focus was on teen and parent relationships, and also on mending relationships which have had to deal with an affair.  In 2013 Imago Clinical Introductory Course taught me how couples (parent-child, man-woman) may connect again through talking and understanding. Imago dialogue is a good tool to facilitate this. In 2015 I took a course in mindfulness which helps to relieve anxiety and is one tool towards a more joyful life. Since 2015 I have been training parents of 3-6-year old and 8-12-year old misbehaving kids according to the program “Incredible Years”. In Spring 2017 I got certified and in the Fall 2018 I started as a peer coach for other group leaders. The training program included learning motivational interviewing (MI) skills and techniques. MI is useful when a person is ambivalent about certain change – I want the change and at the same time part of me does not. Erik van der Elst from Holland taught me how to train high divorce parents to improve their relationship to benefit the child. In Spring 2017 we carried out a group training following the “No kids in the Middle” methodology and witnessed some beautiful changes.
I did volunteer work at Tallinn Big Families’ Union in 2009-2014, at  Jüri Gymnasium in 2008-2011 and in Avitus 2010-2013. 2012-2014 relationship related pieces were published at delfi naistekas webpage and in 2013-2015 I answered questions at In January 2014 I founded EELK Family Center together with Manager Pia Ruotsala. The Center provides family counselling and has helped almost 1500 people by today. It expanded to Tartu and Haapsalu. In 2015 I composed a questionnaire to match singles for Teele and Toots matchmaking company. Shortly after followed the TV series where my task was to match people up and then counsel the development of their relationship. I am a trainer and in since May 2016 two e-courses in Estonian are available through website: “If and how to divorce?” and “How to preserve love and avoid affairs?”
I work in Estonian and English preferrably. Russian is ok too.
Writing a blog on relationship issues and publishing articles now and then in magazines is a hobby of mine. The blog also has some posts in English.

Most work I have done with the issue of separation or divorce which means that I help people who are planning to end the relationship, who are seeking ways to do it as smoothly as possible, and also who want get back together with their ex-partner. Many couples come to seek help with communications issues and turn to me because they fight too much. Many parents want help with their child’s problematic behavior.