Clients often ask me for suggested reading in order to quietly ponder the important subjects or to discuss them with their partner. I will provide you with some suggestions which may be worth your time.

  •  G. Chapman’s “The Five Languages of Love” has been found useful by my clients.  The book talks about different ways people express love and if your partner’s  language of love is different, you may not notice or appreciate it.
  • W. Harley “His needs, her needs: building an affair-proof marriage” talks about our needs as partners, how different these may be and how we may not know our partners needs at all. The author stresses that if you meet each other’s needs, then you can build an affair-proof relationship – intriguing isn’t it.

I will write more suggestions ongoingly but in the meantime you can read some articles on the relationship subject matter from my blog .

My book “Relationship audit – handbook for couples” is sold in bookstores and bigger supermarkets. It is meant to be used by those who wish to take a close examining look at their relationship and find out which aspects of it are good and which aspects need improvement perhaps. The book is for those who do not wish to come to the meeting with me in order to do the audit together, but rather do it on their own or with their partner. The book contains theoretical background and some exercises to improve relationship quality. It is in Estonian at the moment but I have plans to translate it into English as well.